2019 Engine Master's Challenge - Studebaker Power Team

THE place to document, in chronological order, ON-GOING progress/milestones of ANY high performance Studebaker project. Projects include any major/lengthy - repair/modification/resto/total rebuild OR an extensive build/development/modification of a high performance Studebaker part/system. Including as much info/many photos about/of your project is greatly appreciated! ON-GOING PROJECTS ONLY PLEASE.
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Re: 2019 Engine Master's Challenge - Studebaker Power Team

Post by Jeff Rice » 18 Jun 2020, 12:47

(UPDATE! 6/18/2020)

Hot Rod Magazine just did a recao/outakes video of the 2019 Engine Masters Challenge.
The Studebaker Power Team and Dave Molnar got nice props!!!!!

https://www.hotrod.com/articles/engine- ... AE27DD75BE

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