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Mike Van Veghten
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Picture size

Post by Mike Van Veghten » 11 Feb 2020, 02:09

What is the maximum pixels or MB allowable for this site ?

I've tried posting pictures in the past with no luck. I have a coupla/few pictures of Potvin mounted blowers for Jon that he wanted to see (the Orange Crate Ford sedan), but I know that they are way too large as they are.


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Re: Picture size

Post by Alan » 24 Jul 2020, 22:32

Mike, I had the same problem. This forum doesn't like any pic. over 2 meg. It also rejects pics. from some cameras that put a capital extension on it's pics. JPEG rather than the acceptable .jpg. Image magic or Nautilus can change your pics. to a smaller size.

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Re: Picture size

Post by r1lark » 25 Jul 2020, 08:08

Paint, which many computers have installed, can also be used to resize pictures.
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Champion V8
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Re: Picture size

Post by Champion V8 » 25 Jul 2020, 15:24

I always have to downsize my pix, they're always to big directly from my camera so I do it in "paint", then I can easlily post them here.

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