Drag Racing at the Chattanooga Nationals 8/4/2020 6pm-11pm

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Joe Flannery
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Drag Racing at the Chattanooga Nationals 8/4/2020 6pm-11pm

Post by Joe Flannery » 08 Mar 2020, 12:51

Hi Guys,
Something to put on your calendar. I don't know how many people will be attending the International Meet that would be interested in going to a local 1/8 mile track for a little test and tune with the locals, but it should be fun. I wish we could get the track to modify their schedule for a little later in the week . This may not be do-able for a lot of folks. The International officially starts on August 5th. Run your rental car if you're flying in. Run your Tow vehicle. Or just plain come on over and watch the rest of run and cheer us on. It should be good clean fun and some laughs for sure . I hope to see you there. There will also be a display area at the International meet for all Studebaker race cars. REGARDLESS of Power Plant. Chevy, Mopar, Caddy whatever you have , Come on out. Joe :D


Bill Van Alstyne
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Re: Drag Racing at the Chattanooga Nationals 8/4/2020 6pm-11pm

Post by Bill Van Alstyne » 09 Mar 2020, 09:52

Just to verify the day of this unofficial meet event, it will be held on Tuesday August 5th which is the day before the meet officially opens. It has to be made very clear that this event is NOT related in any way to the SDC International Meet. Come on out to the track as Joe said,make a few passes or just watch the action, it will be a lot of fun. Attend the meet and get up close and personal with all the vehicles on display. Thanks Joe for organizing the drag racing and everyone else for coming out! Bill

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Jeff Rice
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Re: Drag Racing at the Chattanooga Nationals 8/4/2020 6pm-11pm

Post by Jeff Rice » 10 Mar 2020, 09:18

Just a small bit of clarification to add. :!:
While it is true that this drag strip test&tune is not an official SDC event, it should be noted that the SDC is not set against this type of activity.
The SDC does not have a negative attitude toward performance events such as organized racing.
The event insurance supplied by the SDC to the SDC members in attendance does not cover organized racing.
There has not been any negative warning by the insurance providers. There has been no comment by the insurance providers.
And that is why the SDC says nothing about organized racing activities. The SDC does not want to draw attention to current activities in a way that could negatively affect insurability or rates. So the SDC takes a hands off attitude towards organized racing activities at the SDC meets.
No hostility toward racers, or those that want to race. The powers that be at the SDC (or at least some of them) really like what the performance crowd has been doing, or is doing, to make Studebakers go fast.
Enthusiasts just need to keep these activities separate from official SDC activities as not to negatively affect their insurance availability or rates.

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