One family member down

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Mike Van Veghten
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One family member down

Post by Mike Van Veghten » 12 Mar 2021, 10:30

Not sure where this belongs, feel free to move it as required.

Just a note to all that bought cam shafts from me years back.

Donny Johansen of the Howard Cams family, that did all of the final grinding of our cams died last Monday (03-08) afternoon.

I know this is said and an overused phrase, all the time, but he was truly one of the good guys. Mild tempered, easy going, help anyone at any time. Like a bunch of ol Studebaker owners. I knew him on and off the track, in the shop, always working.


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Re: One family member down

Post by PackardV8 » 12 Mar 2021, 19:49

Hi, Mike,

Thanks for the head's up. Agree, seems everyone who knew him thought well of him. Not a bad legacy.


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Re: One family member down

Post by Champion V8 » 15 Apr 2021, 11:45

That's a guy even some here knew about due to those who drove Hot Rods already in the 50's & 60's.
Sad this, but natural.

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Jeff Rice
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Re: One family member down

Post by Jeff Rice » 18 Apr 2021, 08:33

Another reminder that time marches on and is relentless.
Keep up the good work now, while we can...

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