engine stand or cart

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engine stand or cart

Post by StudeCat »

I need something to hold a mostly complete 289 engine. What capacity engine stand is safe for this duty? Amazon has their Happy Prime Day! today and shipping is free on some engine stands. Brands they are offering include Jegs, Torin, Performance Tool.

Is there anything odd about the bolt pattern on the rear of the engine block that would rule out some stands?

I primarily need rolling storage. I can wait to get a stand. On Dan's FIrst Love Project thread, page 13, May 2015 http://www.racingstudebakers.com/foo/vi ... &start=180 he has a wooden cart. My dad made a similar cart for an Olds 371 we are working on. I could fabricate a cart like this, or maybe buy one of the very inexpensive half-ton dollies sold by Harbor Freight in the US. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Four-post engine dollies for Ford of Chevy are less than $50. Could one be adapted to the Stude V8?

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Re: engine stand or cart

Post by PackardV8 »

No, nothing odd about the Stude. I've put them on most every kind of 4-leg stand. Hard to beat the Harbor Freight heavy duty model for the price.

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Re: engine stand or cart

Post by SilverHawkDan »


I just purchased another engine stand. i bought the 1000 lb. heavy duty model form Harbor Freight. It is a nice one and the only thing I am going to improve is the handle. I am going to add a rubber bicycle grip to the other end instead of the cotter pin. My other two stands are made that way and they work better. The wooden stand I made started life as a crate. I made it big enough so that I could add a transmission and or bell housing so I could actually run and engine on the stand. I plan to use it to fire the 289 engine on the port fuel injection system I am working on. The wheels are harbor freight.
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