65 Daytona wheels

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65 Daytona wheels

Post by Tobymilo »

Need some info on what is the widest wheel I can fit in the back of my 65 Stude. Need some more rubber hitting the ground.

Pics would be helpful.

Mike Van Veghten
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Re: 65 Daytona wheels

Post by Mike Van Veghten »

Why don't you do this yourself ?

Beside, to get the "largest" tire in the fender, will most likely NOT...be an off the shelf wheel. Measure for the rim / tire width. That is, what's the widest tire you can fit into the wheel well. You most likely need to do some tire homework of sidewall to sidewall homework in tire sales web sites.
Now, figure where the "center of the wheel is going to be. That is...as bolted to the end of the axle.
Now...put these two dimensions together, find a place that will weld you a wheel that will "FIT"...your car !
OR, with the above information, you can go to some aftermarket wheel manufacturers and find out what offsets that they offer. Like Weld wheel. They offer a verity of different offsets to do EXACTLY...what you want to do.
See below on my wagon. It still has the leaf springs and the full inner fender. But it's 8" wide ! Just takes a few minutes of measuring, then hitting the web pages.
Click on the photo to enlarge it. Note, I had the axle housing narrowed an 1-1/2" on each side which helped the visual look of having the wheel center deeper inside of the fender, and gave me the ability to place the rim / tire almost exactly where I wanted it.


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