Ted Harbit intake manifold question

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Mike Van Veghten
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Ted Harbit intake manifold question

Post by Mike Van Veghten »

I went back two pages, didn't see any info...so here's a question -

While I don't know how many Ted sold, I have one of his intake manifolds.
My question is - do any of you others that may have also received one, have you run it on an engine, and in general, how well did it perform ?
I'm thinking of removing my much reworked Jeff, intake and install my Ted intake manifold on my driver wagon.

I did a fair amount of porting / flow bench testing on mine. It seemed that no matter how much I cleaned up the entrance to the "end" ports, the flow increases were minimal. And while it's been a while, as I recall, the increases did continue, I got to the point of being concerned about making the casting too thin and either breaking through, or making the material so thin that it might eventually crack.

Anyway, back to the original question, have you run it on an engine, and in general, how well did it perform ?


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Re: Ted Harbit intake manifold question

Post by shifter44 »

I just did a brief search for the Bulldog Intake on this Forum and it looks like Tom Covington is most likely , if anyone , to have actually run one since he actually does race his stuff , and is quite methodical . Sure wish that he would post more on this Forum.....in general .
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