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As with any community, ours has a few guidelines

Commercial Entities: The submission of information in membership forms for, or use of membership for, or any post made for, the purpose of advertising of any product or service or website or company or entity ANYwhere on the Racing Studebakers website is not allowed without prior written permission from the Racing Studebakers webmaster, PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Submitting commercial advertising information in a membership application or ANYwhere on the Racing Studebakers website, without prior written permission from the Racing Studebakers webmaster, is considered SPAMMING. Any forum post or any membership submission or registration with links to any advertising, website, product, service, company, entity, or any MSN/ICQ account or e-mail address that cannot be verified or any advertising comments/submission made ANYwhere on Racing Studebakers, not specifically endorsed or permitted by Racing Studebakers management in writing prior, will be deleted and that poster will added to the permanent ban list. In addition, formal complaints will be made to the respective ISP and to all applicable government regulatory agencies. All spammer information is automatically submitted for black listing with numerous, internet anti-spam organizations. The restrictions in this paragraph include all pre-selected signatures used in posts.

Therefore, unless you are submitting your own, verifiable, non-commercial, personal information that includes your own, non-commercial, personal website link, DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION unless you have already contacted the the Racing Studebakers webmaster by e-mail to get permission to submit an application and you have that written permission from the Racing Studebakers webmaster in your hand PRIOR to submitting any membership information/request!

Racing Studebakers spam policy is very simple... We believe that ALL legitimate internet service providers, website operators and users have the responsibility to pursue every spammer to the fullest extent of the law, period. Then, and ONLY then, can these slime-balls get what they truly deserve!!

NOTE: Anyone suspected of any of the above will be banned without question!

Racing Studebakers reserves the right to edit or remove any post or article or submission deemed to need editing or removal.

Avatars: Avatars are allowed for registered members.

Forum Search: Lots of topics have been discussed and answered. However, the list of subjects is very long and archiving the topics makes it harder to access them. So, if you're seeking information on a specific subject, it's easiest to find if you use the search feature provided.

General Post Etiquette: We wish to keep Racing Studebakers a friendly, politically neutral place. Please leave bad manners and politics at the door. The use of any type of discriminatory words or phrases is not allowed.

On all internet forums, typing in all capital letters, (caps), is considered "shouting", something which many internet users find quite rude. Please make sure that you do not type any post titles or your entire post using all capital letters.

Racing Team Membership: Send email to the Webmaster requesting information.

Member Posting "Rank": Member posting rank is normally determined only by the number of posts contributed by a registered member. The number of posts that a member makes does not imply their level of expertise, (although Studebaker Racing Team Member rank could be considered "expert" as that member is actively engaged in racing/preparing their Studebaker). Racing Studebakers is proud of the fact that the forums have many fine experts in attendance, in all aspects of high performance Studebakering, no matter how many posts they have/have not contributed to the forums.

In any event, if anyone is interested in using the ranking system and have suggestions for naming the "levels" of rank, just PM me or drop the webmaster an email and we can look it over.

Posting Pictures: Please consult the separate section outlining posting of pictures, links, etc., on the forums, located in a separate post in the Forum Guidelines & FAQ forum.

Support: If you have a problem, anywhere on the Racing Studebakers website, please contact us at Please give us as much detail as possible. Some of the big, commercial sites can monitor their support requests 24/7, we can't. We can only promise that any problem will be addressed just as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours.

ALSO, if any member has a specific problem using the forums OR suggestions concerning the forums, please post your questions, concerns or suggestions in the "General Topics For Members" forum. I'll address them ASAP. As always, you can PM or email to me as well.