Posting Pictures or Links on the Forums

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Posting Pictures or Links on the Forums

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You can easily put pictures or links in your posts. Here's how....

First: Just a few comments about posting pictures in the forums...

The posting of pictures is certainly allowed and very much welcome. However, the size of the picture and the resolution of the picture, (how many "pixels" that it takes to make a picture), determines how long it takes for your picture to download to a person's computer when they try to look at it. The problem with big pictures is that it takes much longer to load, or "come up" in your post. This is especially frustrating to those with slow internet connections. If you take a picture right from your phone camera and put it on the forums, almost certainly it's waaay too big.

There is help for big pictures. You can easily find free picture editing software "out there" on the internet to manage your pictures. As an example, here are two, outstanding picture editing programs... or

Please practice good "net etiquette" and use picture editing software to reduce the size and resolution of your pictures, (which can easily be done and still have great pictures). Please help everyone to be able to appreciate your picture and not ignore it. I will appreciate it too, because your re-sized picture will take up less storage room on our server, allowing us to have many more pictures!

The "Mechanics" of Posting Pictures on the Forums

You can.......

of adding a picture to your post directly from your computer, via the "Attachments" tab at the bottom of the place where you normally type in your post.

B. Put your pictures in that little FREE, personal web page space that each and every ISP, (Internet Service Provider), gives you with your internet account. Everyone forgets about that free space they have for storing pictures, But it's there and already yours. OR....

C. Put your pictures in some place on the internet that is there specifically for putting pictures up on the internet. Websites such as Postimages -, Fotki -, etc., are ones that come to mind, but there are MANY others.

In any event, no matter where your pictures are stored, you must upload or use a link to each picture so that it will show up in your post. The procedure to put pictures in your post IS different for pictures on your computer and those somewhere else on the internet.


Begin: You put a picture from your computer anywhere in your post by using the "Upload Attachment" tab, right below the place where you normally type in your post for the forums. Click on the "Upload Attachments" tab then click on the "Add Files" box. The "File Upload" window that pops up will be the complete index of your own computer, your "Local Disk [C:]" drive. Local Disk C: may not even be where you store your pictures, as you may have them on something like a CD disk. In any event, you must find the place where you have your pictures stored by looking through your files. When you find your picture, place your cursor over the name of the picture file name, click once, then click on the "Open" box in the lower, right-hand corner of the "File Upload" window. The "File Upload" window will close.

You should see your picture file name in in another box below your post. NOTE: YOU MUST SEE A GREEN CHECK MARK AT THE RIGHT END OF THAT BOX OR YOUR PICTURE DID NOT LOAD PROPERLY. Next to your picture file name, you will see the "File Comment" box. You can put anything that you want to say, (a caption), about the picture there. After you type your "caption" in the "File Comment" box, click your mouse cursor in your post where you want to put the picture, then click on the "Place Inline" box. Your picture is now added to your post.

How to Post a Picture From Somewhere On The Internet

After you find a picture in a place that's already on the internet, (not on your computer), place your cursor, (the little arrow or whatever moves around the screen when you move the mouse), over the top of the picture that you want to make the link for, then click the right mouse button once while the cursor is on the picture. A box will pop up with a number of options. The option that you want is "Properties", (usually at the bottom of the box). Click the left mouse button once on "Properties".

Another box will pop up that has all of the "Properties" of the picture you want. You are looking for the place that says, "Address", with "URL" (Uniform Resource Locator), under the word "Address", (that is the place where your picture is stored/can be found on the internet). As an example, the address looks something like, ... orun01.jpg

Next: As if you are highlighting something in a sentence, place your cursor in the space just to the left and next to the "h" in the "http......", (at the beginning of the address), then hold the left mouse button down while you drag it to the right, all the way across the address. After the entire address is highlighted, let the left mouse button up. Then, click the right mouse button once, a menu box will pop up, look for the word "Copy" in the box, click the left mouse button once on "Copy".

Next: Go to your post on Racing Studebakers, at the top of the box where you type your post, in the menu, find the item that reads, "Img*", (short for image), click the left mouse button once on "Img*". This symbol will appear in your post,

Next: You will see your cursor, (or it should be), "blinking" right in between the symbols that appeared in your post. Click the right mouse button once. In the menu box that pops up, click the left mouse button once on "Paste". The address for your picture that you copied in the "Properties" box will appear between the "img" symbols.

Last: When you're finished, IF it's been done correctly, you should have one bracketed symbol at each end of your picture's address, or Image, AND the link should be, (usually), blue in color, indicating that it is an actual link to something on the internet.

NOTE: You can even type the Image boxes in front and at the end of the picture address, no need to use the "automatic" boxes. The Image box is always at the end.

Also, you can use the same technique to create a link to where your picture is on the internet. Click on the "URL" box in the menu on top, instead of the "Img" box. That way, a person can bring your post up quickly, then click on the link you made to your picture to see it, but still read and participate in the forums while your picture loads up, (especially if it's a large picture). Many people prefer to view pictures this way, by a link to your picture, instead of having to wait for it to come up slowly in your post


That's it! Now, your picture will come up in your post.

In fact, you can use the very same [ url]-----[/url ] technique to put a link to any website on the internet in your post.

One thing to remember, if you use an internet place to store your pictures, they give you the links to put in your posts. I would check their "Help" section to make sure that you are using the correct link to put on our forums.

Please practice good "Net Etiquette" by reducing the size and resolution of all pictures that you post in the forums.

Thanks a million in advance![/b]